It is the season of gift-giving, and if you are like me, you love giving the perfect gift to the special people in your life. This morning between 8 and 10 a.m., I received an exceptional kind of Christmas gift — back-to-back messages from three Restoracell customers who provided feedback on their experience.

 I am sharing their experience to encourage you in your journey with Restoracell. If you have just started using the product, give it time.  You are not just plumping up your skin; you are changing it at the cellular level. 

 "I started using it the top of my arms where I have developed over the years lots of dark spots and dry patches (barnacles, as I call them). I have been applying a squirt on each arm every morning after my shower and before moisturizer. It has made a VERY noticeable difference in the look and the feel of the skin on my arms, and I just ordered two more bottles.  I guess the greater the skin damage, the greater the visible results. So I just wanted you to have my feedback." (Arlinda P.)

 "I love your stuff. I told the makeup artist about it at Nordstrom❤ I had to take that makeup back bc I'm allergic to everything! Not your products, though." (Larissa I.)

 "Since I started using Restoracell, I have people commenting on my 'glowing skin'! It looks brighter, smoother, and healthier, and the fine lines around my eyes are practically gone! For once I found products that do what they say they will do. I love them! "(Teresa B.)

 These words are gifts of encouragement for Terry and me as we approach the end of our first year of sharing Restoracell with people who care about having healthier, more youthful skin.  And I hope they will be words of encouragement for you as you take the time to nurture your skin with a clean, organic product with a fantastic restorative blue peptide named GHK-Cu.

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