We were recently asked by a customer who loves our Skin Restorative Body Cream, if it can be used on their face.

While both the Body Cream and Moisturizer contain Copper Peptides GHK-Cu, the Body Cream is luxurious and creamy, while the Skin Awakening Moisturizer is formulated to be lighter and best for the skin on your face.

There are differences between the skin on the face and the rest of the body. The face has very small cells that are tightly packed together to allow for the many muscle movements we make. This and the fact that facial skin is thinner, is why we get wrinkles as we age.

Vitali body cream

Additionally, because of the tight packing of the skin cells on the face, the right types of ingredients that allow for easy absorption must be used…and those  are the ingredients Vitali uses in the Skin Awakening Moisturizer.

Ingredients in Body Creams such as the Restorative Body Cream primarily address concerns like firming, crepiness and cellulite whereas the Vitali Moisturizer focuses on wrinkles, pores, hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

Vitali's Restorative Body Cream may not harm your face. It is hypoallergenic, made with organic and natural ingredients, non-oily and fast absorbing, formulated without Parabens, Phthalates and free of fragrance and artificial color, like many body creams. However, it will not be as effective as the specially formulated Skin Awakening Moisturizer for your face.


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