I'm so excited! Our Restoracell Skin Cell Awakening Serum is in this month's tipsntrends section of InStyle magazine. It's just hitting the shelves this week, so if you grab an issue, you'll find the serum listed along with some of the other hot products.

I bet they like the serum for the same reasons we do - the perfect amount of powerful copper peptides, the way it goes on so smooth, all-natural, organic ingredients, and most important, it makes our wrinkles and crepey skin go away! But I also know that it's thanks to the tremendous support for our loyal customers. Thank you for helping us make this all possible!

Terry and I started this business because we were passionate about the results both of us had with GHK-Cu (copper peptides), and we wanted to share it with others. And we owe our success so far to your willingness to give it a try and even tell your friends how great it's working. Thank you again for trusting us. You are truly appreciated.

And don't forget, to celebrate, we are offering 20% off to everyone. Use code "Style" at checkout, and if you haven't tried the serum yet, order today!

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