Like you, we are all about results! And Restoracell delivers. Many of you have sent in testimonies on your results with Restoracell - thank you! Some of you have even sent in photos, which is excellent! You've probably seen some on our website. Those photos are simply the best way to show the power of GHK-Cu and Restoracell's Advanced Restoration Formula. We love to share these results to help others looking for solutions.

So we've decided to launch a photo contest where everyone who submits a set of before and after wins. If you share your pictures and showcase the results you've attained with Restoracell, I'll send you a $25 gift card. And if your photos are chosen for our website or marketing materials, you win a Complete Set of Restoracell products in addition to that $25 gift card.

Sound good? Ok, below are a few helpful hints on how to get great photos if you need them. And don't worry if you don't have any images yet. This contest runs for the next four months, so you can take your first photo if you don't have one already. Typically, we look for results after 2-4 months or more of use.

1. Time of day & location - Consistency in when and where you take the photo is essential to ensure the best comparison in photos. Choose the exact location and time for both photos.

2. Lighting - Sitting by a brightly lit window, front on, will give you the best chance of even good lighting. Sunlight is more consistent. Make sure you are not directly in the path of the sun, though, as the shadows and glare will cause you problems.

3. Make sure facial skin is clean and remove all makeup and jewelry.

4. Show a neutral expression, with eyes open but without smiling or stretching the skin.

5. You can use a phone camera but do not use the selfie mode. The quality is a lot slower than the primary back camera. Pick a specific, consistent zoom amount to avoid warping. (for example, a 1.5x zoom on a phone camera is good as it eliminates the big-nose fish-eye effect you can sometimes get.

6. When submitting your photos to us, send a high-resolution jpeg or png images only (minimum 1000 pixels).

When you have your photos ready, please send them to me at

Here are a couple example photos:


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