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Today's question comes from a male customer who regularly uses our Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser to boost his results.

      "Why doesn’t Restoracell Exfoliating Cleanser have granules?"

 There are two types of exfoliators, chemical and physical. Both remove dead skin cells and other debris, helping speed cell turnover.  Chemical exfoliants use acids or enzymes to dissolve and loosen cells. Physical exfoliant products either contain small particles or use a textured surface to scrub away the dead skin and debris.

 Exfoliation is an essential step in optimizing the repair work driven by the copper peptides.

Restoracell’s Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser is formulated with lactic acid 
and is suitable for all skin types.

There are no textured granules in Restoracell's Exfoliating Cleanser as the lactic acid works to remove dead cells on the skin's surface by dissolving the bonds that hold them together, hence inducing cell turnover and stimulating cell renewal.

Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), a category of water-soluble chemical compounds which includes glycolic, citric, tartaric, and malic acid. Lactic Acid is milder than glycolic acid (thanks to its slightly larger molecular size) while delivering similar results. It is notably more hydrating than other AHAs and may be gentler on sensitive skin.

In addition to revving up your radiance, lactic acid can boost plumpness. Research showed a 5% lactic acid formula applied twice a day improved skin thickness and firmness. * Dr. S. Tyler Hollmig, MD, director of dermatology surgery at UT Dell Medical School in Austin TX.

Both types of exfoliation result in brighter, silkier skin and deeply clean pores which allow your serums and moisturizers to penetrate deeper and to be more effective.

How Often Should You Exfoliate?

Restoracell's Gentle Cleanser with 5% lactic acid may be used daily. We recommend adding a more intense exfoliation with a higher percentage of AHA's or physical exfoliation twice a week as part of you skin care routine. Exfoliation is about balance. While it is vital to remove dead skin cells, it is important not to strip away your skin's natural oils.  

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