It is gratifying to create a skincare product that is clean, organic and feels good on the skin.  But the real excitement is knowing that it is powered by GHK-Cu, a blue copper peptide that goes into DNA and tells skin cells to act younger! 

I love the science of GHK, (glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine)  a human plasma copper-binding peptide with a stunning array of actions that appear to counter aging-associated diseases and conditions. GHK was isolated in 1973 as an activity bound to human albumin that caused aged human liver tissue to synthesize proteins like younger tissue.

The understanding of GHK actions has been greatly aided by the use of gene expression data. In 2010, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard (Cambridge, MA) measured the effects of GHK on 13,424 of the estimated 22,277 known human genes at that time. This provided us with expression of 4192 genes with plus or minus 50% changes from the 13,424 genes. This led to consecutive studies, which confirmed that GHK-Cu is able to up- and down-regulate a significant number of human genes, essentially resetting the human genome back to health.

Dr. Suzanne Ferree Turner, Founder of Vine Medical and a specialist in cellular medicine talks about the science of GHK-Cu in Restoracell and how it signals genes so that skin cells have a more youthful expression of their nature. (Click below.)

While I like immediate gratification, I will trade a skin plumper that declines in a day or two for a product that works at the cellular level making continuous changes for healthier more youthful skin. What about you?

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