Recently, I made a significant lifestyle change to use all-natural, non-toxic cosmetics. This change meant I had to fill a trash can with some of my favorite products. One of the most challenging moments was when I tossed my high brand "luminous silk foundation". This product made my skin feel smooth and look flawless. But, it contained parabens, synthetic fragrances, and other potentially harmful ingredients.

To make my less-than luminous non-toxic foundation and tinted sunscreen apply smoother, I cautiously tested numerous natural oils. I was concerned about clogged pores and skin breakout. But, I am happy to report that I discovered Squalane Oil, a beautiful healing natural oil that works better than any makeup primer I have ever used. And, it does so much more.

What is Squalane Oil?

For thousands of years, fishermen from Scandinavia, Japan, and South Pacific have used shark fat for the skin on their faces and hands after irritation by saltwater. The substance responsible for the beneficial qualities of shark fat is squalene. Restoracell has chosen to use the vegan alternative to squalene which is Squalane. It has all the hydrating benefits but is cruelty-free and ecologically friendly.

Restoracell's Hydrating Squalane Oil consist of 100% pure Squalane derived from olive oil and is as effective as animal-derived squalene. It penetrates the skin quickly and efficiently to offer moisture and enhanced elasticity and is softer to the touch without leaving a greasy or sticky residue. Squalane Oil's benefits include a soothing quality that an help alleviate irritation. It goes on smoothly and offers a pleasant, calming sensation. In addition, its non-comedogenic quality makes it suitable for all skin types, even oily complexions like mine.

How to Use:

As a Primer: After applying Restoracell serum and moisturizer on cleansed skin, put a few drops in your hand and massage them into your face using the tips of your fingers. 

After applying, wait a few minutes and use your SPF or foundation. Or, you can add a few drops to your tinted moisturizer or sunscreen in your hand and then apply. This extra step makes sunscreen and foundation go on much smoother. In addition, it works to provide skin with an extra boost of hydration while preparing your face for your makeup application.

With Retinol: Use a few drops on your skin to cut down on irritation. Applying Squalane can decrease the immediate contact of the retinol with the skin and slow its penetration, reducing irritability.  

After Copper Peptides: Hydration Boost and Primer with Squalane also works as a great penetrating agent to increase efficacy. Apply on top of Serum or Moisturizer to help the peptides absorb into the skin.

After Shave: Can be used to soothe and heal the skin after shaving. I can see a significant difference in my husband's face when he uses the Hydration Boost, as shaving often leaves his skin looking irritated.  



Try Restoracell's Hydrating Squalane Oil Today. 


What customers are saying:

"I was surprised I didn't breakout ; I usually get some little bumps. But no breakouts, and it certainly lets your makeup go on super smooth."   - Mary S.

"After using the Squalane Oil, I can't put my makeup on without it."  - Pamela V. 

"I've enjoyed the Squalane oil! Does make my skin feel very smooth and soft all day." - Heather H.


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