Heal & Protect Your Skin with this natural ingredient from the sea.
If you are looking for a natural ingredient that can heal and protect your skin without the concern of harsh chemicals that could potentially harm your skin, let me introduce you to Brown Algae from the sea and its 5 benefits.
1. Powerful antioxidant
This plant-like marine wonder is full of antioxidants that can assist in combating the effects of free radicals, which are one of the primary causes of aging. According to board-certified dermatologist Kera Barr, MD, "the amino acids in brown algae work as antioxidants scavenging toxic-free radicals.”
2. Provides UV protection
Brown algae offer natural UV protection. Algae are constantly exposed to intense ultraviolet radiation and harsh climate conditions within their seawater environment. As a result, these marine plants have evolved a network of defense mechanisms to defend their DNA. Keira Barr, M.D. says, "For combating oxidative stress, especially that which is induced by UV exposure, brown algae can offer protection.  
Beta and alpha-carotenes found in the plant provide additional antioxidant protection and give brown algae its characteristic brownish-green coloring. Of the carotenoids, astaxanthin is the most powerful and has been described as nature's sunscreen. These are supported by ions of minerals and trace elements to neutralize free radicals before they can damage nucleic DNA.
3. Protects the skin's collagen
Brown Algae's antioxidant effect protects against the skin's firming collagen degradation. It supports cellular energy production, increasing the skin's oxygen supply. This process positively affects cell renewal and, therefore, the skin's overall appearance. An in vitro study on brown algae extract found that the application to cells can protect collagen cells by interacting with collagen inhibitors to preserve collagen. Research
4. Withdraws impurities
Another excellent benefit of brown algae is that it has more minerals than almost any other "plant" on the land or the sea. As a result, it can draw out impurities, detox the skin, and help clean out the build-up in pores.
5. Works with copper peptides for maximum efficacy
We at Vitali recognize the great benefit of combining this natural healer with our GHK (Copper Peptide) products. Copper Peptides trigger stem cells to produce collagen and elastin at the cellular level, and the brown algae work to protect the skin and preserve collagen.
Vitali's Restorative Skin Cell Serum includes the powerful Giant Sea Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) and brown algae extract (Fucus Vesiculosis) is included in the Skin Awakening Moisturizer and the new Restorative Body Cream.  
Experience these benefits for yourself every time you use Vitali’s Restoracell Products.
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