My granddaughter Holliday loves to take selfies during our time together. They are not always the most professional or flattering photographs, but they are fun keepsakes.

One thing I love about this photo is how she is leaning on me, looking so sweet. I also love her beautiful, flawless young skin. Being in the skincare business, I know that this is because she has dense capillary beds, undamaged collagen and elastin, ample water-holding proteins, stem cells converted into skin cells, and a high level of GHK-Cu.

That is in contrast to me (her Gigi), who is 60 years older, has fewer capillaries, fewer water-holding proteins, damaged collagen and elastin, fewer stem cells converted into skin cells, and less GHK-Cu.

Our bodies naturally produce GHK-Cu. Children like Holliday and young adults have especially high GHK levels (approximately 200 nanograms per milliliter). However, at 60 years of age, this amount goes down to 80 nanograms per milliliter of GHK-Cu. As a result, our skin loses its firmness and elasticity. Human peptide GHK

While this can be depressing news, it does not have to be. When I turned 60, I started searching for a way to improve my skin and overall health in the most natural ways possible. My solution included better nutrition, increasing weight training, and embracing the world of cellular medicine.  I love peptides! One of  my favorite peptides, I apply directly to my skin. It is in Restoracell with GHK-Cu. It is an easy way to restore some of what aging has depleted.

Skin renewal is made possible by stem cells—extraordinary cells which possess almost unlimited renovating power. If stem cells remained active throughout our entire life, we would never have any problem with wrinkles. But, unfortunately, as we age, our stem cells start losing their ability to renew skin. One of the fascinating qualities of GHK is its ability to invigorate stem cells, bringing them to a more youthful state.

In addition, GHK-Cu also plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and youth of skin fibroblasts, the dermis components that play a vital role in skin repair and renewal.

This powerful blue peptide also helps synthesize new collagen, elastin, and water-holding molecules for firmer, more elastic skin. Pickhart

By consistently using Restoracell with GHK-Cu to reverse the effects of aging, I will be ready for that next selfie with my granddaughter.

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