We have had a lot of interest and questions about our Vitali Hydration Boost Facial Oil, so I am dedicating today's blog to this light and silky liquid. Vitali Hydration Boost is made with 100% Organic Squalane Oil which has so many benefits that it has earned the nickname "Liquid Gold." If you have shied away from facial oils in the past, this is one you should consider.

What is Squalane Oil?

For thousands of years, fishermen from Scandinavia, Japan, and South Pacific have used shark fat for the skin on their faces and hands to soothe irritation caused by saltwater and sun. The substance responsible for the beneficial qualities of shark fat is squalene.

Vitali has chosen a plant-based alternative distilled from Organic Virgin Olive Oil.  Squalane is a derivative of squalene, an oily molecule that occurs naturally in the skin's sebum, it is easily absorbed by human skin and deeply moisturizes without feeling greasy.

With age, the skin's natural Squalene production begins to decline. In the teenage years, squalene comprises 15% of skin oil. After 50, it drops to about 5%, a significant factor in the skin becoming dry and vulnerable to damage. Squalane is incredibly gentle, ideal for all skin types, and protects your skin's moisture barrier, making it a dream ingredient for those with aging, damaged, or chronically dehydrated skin. It is also wonderful to use if you have sunburn.

Even if you have oily or acne-prone skin, you can use this oil without worry. According to Dermatologist Alok Vij, MD of the Cleveland Clinic, "Squalane Oil is safe to use. It's non-comedogenic, so that it won't clog your pores. Research shows that squalane's anti-inflammatory properties may help reduce redness and swelling in acne and other skin conditions like eczema. Research 1

Squalane penetrates the skin quickly and efficiently to offer moisture, enhanced elasticity, and resilience. It boosts the skin's water retention, leaving it feeling hydrated smoother, and softer. For this reason, you can apply it to both the skin and the hair. Vitali's Hydration Boost demonstrates the same hydrating activity on hair as it does on the skin, as it can infuse the strands with moisture and repair damage such as split ends.

5 Tips on how to use Hydration Boost with Squalane

As a Primer: After applying serum and moisturizer on cleansed skin, put a few drops in your hand and massage them into your face using the tips of your fingers. Please wait a minute, let it absorb, and then use your SPF or foundation.

This extra step makes sunscreen and foundation go on much smoother.

After Copper Peptides: Hydration Boost & Primer with Squalane also works as a great penetrating agent to increase efficacy. Apply on top of Serum or Moisturizer to enhance the absorption of the peptides.

With Retinol: Use a few drops on your skin to reduce irritation. Applying squalane can decrease the immediate contact of the retinol with the skin and slow its penetration, reducing irritability.  

After Shave: Use a few drops to soothe and heal the skin after shaving.

For Hair: Put a few drops (1-5, depending on length and volume) in your hand and rub them together. Apply from mid-lengths to ends. On towel-dried hair, incorporate before blow drying for increased protection from breakage and unwanted frizz. On dry hair, finish your style for instant shine and smooth ends.


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