You know we love to hear from our customers, and Restoracell fan Wendy Johnston is on our favorites!  Wendy was recently interviewed during our second appearance on the SuperHumanRadio Podcast. While we always enjoy our time with host Carl Lanore, we especially loved his conversation with Restoracell customer and fan Wendy Johnson.   

Wendy is a beautiful, intelligent, and charming woman and a successful CEO. She hates crepey skin as much as I do! It was gratifying to hear her share how Restoracell made such a difference for her. Wendy was committed to trying the product and using it exclusively and as recommended, twice a day.  She has been following this regimen for six months, but noted that she really could start seeing the difference after 12 weeks.

Wendy shared that "her crow's feet around her eyes are almost gone" and "the skin on her upper arms and neck are less crepey." So naturally, people ask her what she is doing for her skin, which is the ultimate compliment for anyone.  And for us!  Thank you Wendy!

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