One of my delighted customers recently asked about Restoracell for her husband. She shared that he had never used a skincare product but now really needs one. “He has noticed my smoother skin and said he might consider it,” she said. “How can I get him started on a simple routine that could smooth and tighten the skin on his face and neck?”    

While most of our customers are women, we have a significant number of men who use the Restoracell products who have reported improvements in skin tone and tightness, diminished keratosis, and even thickening of the hair. We also have many couples who share the complete set of products.

It is my recommendation that if someone in your life needs a simple anti-aging skincare routine that you introduce them to the Restoracell Stem Cell Awakening Serum along with the Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser. For example, my husband Terry has found that shaving with the Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser followed by immediately applying the Stem Cell Awakening Serum is the perfect combination. The exfoliating cleanser removes the damaged skin cells so that the copper peptides can work even better, while the natural safflower seed oil in the cleanser soothes and hydrates the skin.

Terry says his shave is closer, and the exfoliating cleanser works better than any shaving cream he has ever tried. And, it is CLEAN and ORGANIC!! But, unfortunately, so many popular shaving cream brands contain several toxic chemicals. Over the years, I have presented my husband with multiple arrays of shaving creams, trying to find clean and safe that he also enjoyed using. But, it has not been easy as he complained they made for an uncomfortable shave.

The Stem Cell Awakening Serum applied after shaving makes his face feel smoother and more hydrated, immediately noticeable. The results have been an overall tighter face and neck, fading of scars caused by skin cancer removal and a smoother, brighter complexion.

Take advantage of our the new Cleanse & Awaken Combo to help someone in your life get started with an easy but very effective skincare routine. 

 Cleanse & Awaken Combo:
serum + cleanser $109


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