Lauren B.
Lauren B.

Lauren is constantly asked if her eyelashes are real. That is quite a compliment.  She has been using Restoraell with copper peptides for the past ten months and it has enhanced the health and appearance of her skin and eyelashes.  "Using Resoracell twice a day is resulting in a much smoother, softer texture on my face and neck and there is an added bonus -- thicker eyebrows and longer eyelashes," says Lauren.

Here are a few highlights of the experiences of other Restoraell customers:

"Love how it feels on the skin and have seen significant growth with brows and eyelashes!" Tamela S.

"I've tried so many eye creams, and this one is the best. It removes those fine lines, and if you bring it up to your top lids (near but not on the eyelashes), you will also see your eyelashes get longer and stronger."   Mary S.

"Things I'm noticing with Restoracell: my eyebrows & eyelashes are thicker.  Eyelashes are longer. My overall skin tone is smoother. I have VERY sensitive skin and haven't had breakouts from this. In general, my skin feels healthier."  Sharla J.

What is gratifying is that these results have been achieved without harmful chemicals and unhealthy side effects. Before using Restoracell, I had previously used another major brand of eyelash growth product that contained bimatoprost, a chemical known as prostaglandin, which has hormone-like effects. I discontinued this product after learning of potential side effects, including the loss of volume in upper eyelids and even permanently changing iris color. I am happy to share a better way to enhance eyelashes and brows. 

How Copper Peptides Work to Grow Hair

Copper Peptides work on hair growth differently from traditional remedies,  and most certainly are different from most eyelash growth products. The hair follicle's anagen (growth) phase progressively shortens as we age, while the telogen (dormant) phase lengthens. As a result, the size of the follicle shrinks, and the hair that grows is thinner. In addition, studies show that there is less capillary blood in aging hair. Copper peptides stimulate the capillaries, and studies have shown that they help human follicles switch from the dormant telogen state into the hair-growing anagen state. 

Copper peptides play a significant role in regenerating new hair growth, but they can also make your existing hair look and feel thicker by increasing the follicle size. As a result, the hair will have a thicker and fuller appearance. In addition to GHK-Cu (copper peptides), Restoracell Eye & Lash Cream includes Palimitoyl Tetrapepetide-7, which improves skin elasticity and firmness by increasing collagen and Dipeptide-2, which helps with the appearance of eye puffiness. 

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P.S. To get the best results from your Restoracell Eye/Lash Cream, apply twice daily to clean skin by gently patting a thin layer to the base of lashes, brows, and the surrounding eye area. Restoracell is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and does not carry the risk of changing your eye color.

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