My journey with Restoracell began in February 2020 in Dr. S’s office. She is my excellent doctor and friend who specializes in anti-aging and cellular medicine. One of the reasons that I am living a very active and healthy life at 65 is because of Dr. S. and her care and protocol.

Before leaving my consultation on general health issues, I just blurted out, “what can I do about crepey skin?” She smiled and said, “you can do what I do, and that is to use GHK-Cu (copper peptides). “I can prescribe it for you, it’s a foam from the compounding pharmacy.”

I was already enjoying many health benefits of peptides . Two of these included Thymosin Alpha to strengthen my Immune System, and CJC-Ipamorelin for enhancing declining growth hormone and muscle mass. I had never heard of blue copper peptides. But I was in. I was determined to fight this crepiness in my skin.

Flash forward six months later, I was so impressed with the results, I wanted to share this with others who most likely had not been exposed to the miraculous peptide.  And, while I was dreaming, I thought we needed a high concentration of copper peptides blended with ingredients that would enhance the overall results in serum, moisturizer and eye cream verses a foam.

That is why you have Restoracell today. My husband Terry and I worked with chemists in a clean, organic lab in the United States to develop three high-quality products centered on copper peptides: Stem Cell Awakening Serum, Eye and Lash GHK-Cu Advanced and Skin Awakening Moisturizer. These products are blended with high-performing natural anti-aging ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, kelp extract, coconut and avocado oil, vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Dipeptide-2.  And, we wanted to offer all three for the same price as the foam.

The beauty of these products is that they are organic, clean, very safe, and they genuinely work with consistent use. I have seen the texture in the skin on my face and neck become more smooth while wrinkles diminished. I even had a scar that had been over my right eye since a child fade.

But, the big challenge was the crepiness on my arms. That was the reason I started this. After applying Restoracell Serum and Moisturizer onto my upper arms for six months and exfoliating regularly, the thin crepey skin smoothed out. Finally, I could wear short sleeve shirts and sundresses with more confidence.

Here are the photos to show this. They were taken at my vanity in the same light at the same time of day, six months before and after using Restoracell.  


If you have patience and are consistent, these products can really work for you, as many have experienced. Some things you notice in a couple of weeks, while others take a little more time. Thanks to all of you who have sent photos and notes describing how Restoracell has worked for you. They are so gratifying.

Whatever your skin issue may be, you can use Restoracell with confidence, knowing that it possesses decisive cell-protective actions, nourishes and improves the structure of aged skin, and protects it from future UV radiation and free radicals.

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