Before Vitali Regenerative Serum with IPL laser. |  After daily use of Vitali Serum followed by Squalane Oil. 
It is never too late to start taking care of your hands.


Copper Peptides and Laser Improve Aging Hands

I love the sun and spent many years running, working, and playing in the sun. And, while I was always meticulous about sunscreen and a hat for my face, I was not as careful with my hands. As a result, the brown spots started appearing on my very fair hands over the years, and the skin seemed thinner overall.  

I am not alone. According to dermatologist Amy Kassouf, MD, “As you age, your hands lose fat and elasticity, and your skin loses volume. This reduced volume and decreased elasticity produce translucent skin that wrinkles and develops age spots.”

It was my dermatologist who drew my attention to my hands. After commenting on how good the skin on my face looked, he held up my right hand and said, “this hand does not match your face. It looks much older.” I knew he was right, so I allowed him to freeze one large spot to show what was possible with Cryotherapy. Unfortunately, while the brown spot faded in a few days, it was replaced by a raised scar still with me today. So I decided the freezing approach was not for me.

There are numerous treatments for aging hands, including skin-lightening creams and lotions such as hydroquinone, chemical peels, and pigment-specific lasers.  

After regularly using the Vitali Copper Peptide Serum on my hands, I started to see my dark spots fade and the skin on my hand seem smoother. But, I needed to use it more aggressively.

Knowing that GHK-Cu (Copper Peptides) are significant wound healers and do their best work when skin is damaged, I decided to have my friend RN Carlene Boyd, a laser specialist, treat my hands with her IPL laser using Vitali Restorative Serum.   

Studies have shown that copper peptides, when combined with laser treatment, increase the formation of new blood vessels and increase the levels of antioxidant enzymes in dermal wounds.

Studies have also shown that Copper Peptides benefit the skin’s fibroblast, producing the essential growth factors for optimal skin repair.

The combination of Vitali Restorative Serum with Copper Peptides and IPL (Intense Pulse Light) laser worked for my aging hands and did so within two months.

We applied the Vitali Restorative Serum to both hands, and Carlene went to work with the IPL. It hurt. After the treatment, the brown spots became more prominent and more intense. The IPL pulled up the pigment. My hands were burning, and we applied more Vitali Serum and Squalane Oil (Carlene loves Squalane Oil as I do), and I iced my hands on the drive home.

The spots looked darker for a few days, and my hands felt tender. I applied the serum and topped it with the Vitali Hydration Boost (Squalane Oil) 3 to 4 times a day. I stayed out of the sun and wore sunscreen and sometimes gloves when I went outside.

After a few days, the spots significantly faded, and my hands looked better. I continued applying the serum and oil and decided to go for one more IPL treatment the following month. Carlene agreed the hands looked much better, but the second treatment would improve the results.

The results of my hands after the first treatment and about a week after the second treatment are shown above.

It is important to note that positive results for brown spots and aging hands can be achieved only by using a laser. My medical spa clients who use Vitali products share that while positive results can be achieved with only the IPL or other lasers that pull the pigment out, the results are optimized using Vitali Serum with Copper Peptides. According to Teresa Berry, RN, Founder of the The Spa Midtown in Memphis, "The Copper Peptides support the integrity of the sensitized skin and speed up the healing process. Because this great wound healer benefits the skin’s fibroblasts, they produce the essential growth factors for optimal skin repair."

The other benefit is that using Vitali Regenerative Serum regularly following treatment protects the skin, helps maintain the results and helps keep the pigmentation from coming back.

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