Age Spots

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Best cream ever!

My skin looks so good and I have only been using it a month. It keeps getting better and better. Brighter and tighter. I recommend 1000%

Highly effective post Microneedling and sublative skin treatments

Microneedling and sublative skin treatments with Vitali's 3% Serum has dramatically improved the skin's natural production of collagen and elastin by boosting cellular rejuvenation, producing better results in half the time. The Spa Midtown, Memphis

Love it!

This is the first body cream I've used that I feel is smoothing my aging skin. I live in Florida and although I wear sunscreen it's just hard to avoid it if you live an active lifestyle.

Buy it!

After about only 4 weeks of use, the dark circles have lightened, my skin looks brighter, smoother, I can tell it’s working on fine lines. I’m looking forward to seeing more results months down the road.

skin damage on face

I have a lipoma which was getting larger. I am injecting GHK and thought the addition of the Skin Cell Serum topically might help as well. The results were pretty fast. In 11 days the skin looks radically better. Do you sell a stronger formula?

I am so glad to hear about your results. GHK-Cu is a great healer. I would continue using the serum twice a day. It sounds like what you are using is working well.. We do have stronger serum if you are interested.

Results are great, subscriptions so convenient!

I have been using the moisturizer and other Vitali products on and off for the past couple of years, and I notice a real difference when I use them regularly. So I setup a subscription and don't have to think about ordering anymore - it's so convenient that they just arrive when I'm about out of product. And it's an automatic 25% off when you subscribe! The crinkles above my eyes have disappeared, and my skin everywhere looks so much better! Thank you Vitali!


Love these products. The serum and cream are amazing

Still loving it!! Makes my skin glow!!


I just started using this one. I like how it goes on the skin and does not leave any residue. Makes the skin soft. Other benefits? Will see later. Too soon to tell.

I’m loving how my skin looks and feels after just a few short weeks of use!!

Vitali products harness the power of GHKCu “the copper peptide” and have formulated it into beautiful skincare combined with synergistic ingredients leaving out all the elements we don’t want ( fragrance, toxic ingredients etc). I’m loving how my skin looks and feels after just a few short weeks of use!! Nat

Already seeing a difference!

I wanted to share that I love your products! I have been using the serum, eye & lash cream, and moisturizer for 2 weeks now and I can already see a difference. Marie P.

Brighter skin!

I’ve been using the Restoracell Skin Awakening Moisturizer for quite a few months and my skin is brighter and more radiant than ever. I’m 62 years old and get comments about how great my skin looks on a regular basis! This will remain my skin care regime!

I am amazed as my skin looks SOOOO good!

I must say I’ve been using the products for about 1 month and the last couple of days I noticed subtle changes, fading of hyperpigmentation, brighter complexion and more even skin tone.  I am amazed as it looks SOOOO good.  Wanted to use it first before I bring it into the clinic and share it with my patients….mostly women!  Thanks for coming out of retirement! Janine J., M.S., L.Ac., Natures Balance Acupuncture.

Great products

I’ve been using these products for almost a year and love them all. I usually get tired of creams and switch from time to time but not with this line of products, all of restoracell’s (Vitali) products are wonderful! My eyebrows have also become thicker as a result of the copper peptides. The owner of the company is also highly responsive with great customer service.

Must Have!

Love this serum! My boyfriend and I have been using this product and definitely see a difference. Our skin feels firmer, softer, and we notice less fine lines.

Fabulous Skincare Product

My skin feels so soft and hydrated after using the moisturizer. It’s been 8 months since I began using this product, and I can see a difference with softer skin and less fine lines.

excellent product

This serum definitely improves skin quality and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

I love the new Restorative Body Cream

I love the new Restorative Body Cream and like the other Vitali copper peptide products, it is special.  I think it is the copper combined with Rosemary Oil and other herbals that make it work so well.  The weather has made my skin so dry but since I started using the body cream the skin on my arms feel softer, smoother, and even silky. I use it on my knees where they were extra dry, rough, and now, they are also improved. I am excited to see how much better it will look and feel by summer vacation. I will be sure to take it along to apply after a swim.   Leslie H.

A great improvement in my skin texture

I love the products. I have noticed a great improvement in my skin texture. Most recently my chin had a large area of orange peel damage from years of sun exposure. It has smoothed out. I have had many people comment on my nice skin.

I love the new formulation for the moisturizer. It feels much lighter and my skin feels much better. I think it absorbs easier. I get compliments all the time about how my skin glows and how young I look.

Has actually stopped the itching and dry flakes

The Restorative Body Cream has actually stopped the itching and dry flakes from the dermatological removal of growth on my shoulder blades and I find the smooth skin wonderful.

Hair restoration success.

I know that this isn't the standard review but I've been using the serum on my scalp as a hair regrowth experiment after micro needling treatments and I've gone from completely bald (shiny scalp and all) on my crown area to having hair regrowth in the areas I've applied the serum in conjunction with the micro needling. Things to note though are that the hair grows back with whatever color hair you were born with. I was born with light blond hair and its darkened to dark blond over time with age. Since this is my first year doing this I'm just excited to see results when minoxidil didn't do anything for me and I'm seeing the results I have.

The texture of my skin has never felt smoother!

I love the new Vitali Restoracell with enhanced ingredients and more Copper Peptides.  The texture of my skin has never felt smoother.  And, the eye cream feels wonderful. Barbara J.

Skin is softer and Less Redness!

I have been using Vitali a little over a month and I am loving the products. My skin is feeling much softer and the redness seems to be much less.

Miracle Workers!

Thank you for your excellent products, you're miracle workers!