Welcome to Vitali Skin Care. I am excited about introducing you to my friends at Vitali Skin Care! I was first introduced to Vitali through my friend, Natahlie Niddam, the queen of biohacking. Built on the power of GHK-Cu, the copper peptide, Vitali’s formulas are the real thing for addressing the signs of aging skin and thinning lashes and brows.

When you order anything on www.vitaliskincare.com , you will automatically save 20% on every purchase. And with their money back guarantee, you can’t lose. If you want a hint on where to start, try the Copper Peptide Collection. It is a collection of the Serum, the Moisturizer, and the Eye & Lash formulas that make your routine simple… 1, 2, 3. And best of all, it works on all skin types at a cellular level to encourage rapid skin-turnover and skin remodeling.

About Lisa:

Lisa is a Genetics Practitioner, Health Optimisation practitioner, Longevity, High Performance & Mindset Coach.

As a qualified Ph360 epigenetics & DNA company testing coach, Lisa can help you understand your genes & how to optimise your diet, lifestyle, training, sleep, personality traits, talents & predispositions to those genes. She also focuses on hormone health, gut health, cellular health & more. It's like finally having the user manual for your own specific genetics.