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Perfect eye formula. Lots of products irritate my eyes this does not.

Love this company I feel like this helps my skin

Best serum ever!

I absolutely love this peptide serum. I’m on my second bottle and it lasts a long time. My skin looks tighter and even helped my dark spots.
I love this company. I tried the eye cream and I love it and the night cream. I will definitely stick with this company.!

My favorite serum!!

I love this serum as it makes my skin look great. My skin was sensitive, but no more. Thanks, Terry and Debbi.

This whole line of products is great. No bad ingredients, clean and natural. Get compliments every month on my skin. It works!

Lots of compliments!!

Since I added this to my skincare routine I get so many comments on how good my skin looks - Makes my day every time!


The best skin care products I ever tried.

Love it

This moisturizer is the best. I start with Vitali 3% copper serum and this cream is the best topper. Love the results ;-))

Love the 3%

My skin loves the 3% copper from Vitali Skin Care ;-))

Amazing products

I really love the feel of my skin after using Vitali body cream!

Great products and great customer service

I have been using the restorative serum and skin awakening moisturizer on and off for a few years. They are both great products. GHK cu peptide has proven results in skin rejuvenation . Vitali skin products have the best percentage I have found in combination with other exceptional ingredients. Great customer service. 65 years younger. No photo shop

Gentle, no irritation!

Fantastic! Better than similar compounded prescription serums I have used in the past!

Vitali Moisturizers and Serums make a Difference

My Age spots are slowly getting lighter and my wrinkles are not quite as deep. I plan to continue using Vitali to continue the good results.

Fantastic facial oil & primer

I love this facial oil either applied before or mixed with my moisturizer!! It is great under my sunscreen/makeup. It’s my favorite brand of squalane oil on the market.

The products are high quality, the same as prescription creams I have used in the past. The personal note explaining product use really impressed me! Thanks!

Love this eye cream

I just love this eye cream. The skin under my eyes looks smoother. I did not try it on my lids, only the under-eye. Another great product!!

Best Serum

I love this serum; it works well on my skin. I normally break-out with most products, regardless of the price and quality. I was so afraid that I would get a reaction, but no. My skin looks and feels softer. Thanks Terry and Debbi!!!

Still early (2 weeks in ) but seems to be making a difference.

Soothing to the skin

I live in a warmer climate spending lots of time outdoors thus exposure to the sun. I wasn't sure that this product would support my skin with so much exposure to the sun but it does & my skin texture remains smooth and soft. I wear sunscreen if working in the gardens as I am very careful with my skin, when I come in the house I use the body cream that soothes and moistens my skin, giving it lots of hydrating benefits to keep it from drying out and wrinkling. I really appreciate the clean fresh feeling of this product and I wished you made a body wash too!

Cleanser is thorough and yet delicate on the skin

I appreciate the cleanser as it keeps my skin soft and clean at the end of the day. I follow my cleansing with the GHK-CU serum to help bump up the collagen in my skin. This is an excellent combo that I highly recommend as with all of the Vitali products that I use on a daily basis.

My skin looks younger

Love it my skin looks younger and clearer than it has in years.

Advanced Eye& Lash Formula

I love the eye cream ,but know other differences!!

Fabulous youthful skin

I loved the restorative skin cell serum . I have used copper peptides in the past with great results. I appreciate the clean ingredients lack of fragrance and results! Thank you !

Give It Time

I’ve only used this line a little over 30 days, but I can see a small change. I believe over the next 30-60 days I will see tighter skin. I am using the serum, eye cream, facial oil, daily face lotion and body cream. So far I am pleased and placed an order for more serum today. Debbie was so nice to give a generous sample size of the serum when I ordered. It’s great too. Wonderful products and customer service is top notch!