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Based on 161 reviews
My skin looks younger

Love it my skin looks younger and clearer than it has in years.

Advanced Eye& Lash Formula

I love the eye cream ,but know other differences!!

Fabulous youthful skin

I loved the restorative skin cell serum . I have used copper peptides in the past with great results. I appreciate the clean ingredients lack of fragrance and results! Thank you !

Give It Time

I’ve only used this line a little over 30 days, but I can see a small change. I believe over the next 30-60 days I will see tighter skin. I am using the serum, eye cream, facial oil, daily face lotion and body cream. So far I am pleased and placed an order for more serum today. Debbie was so nice to give a generous sample size of the serum when I ordered. It’s great too. Wonderful products and customer service is top notch!


I purchased the 3%, the regular serum and the eye cream. I was so pleasantly surprised to receive a full size of the Hydration Boost Facial Oil and a sample of the moisturizer, and a personal note from Debbie. It was all meticulously wrapped in a luxurious tissue paper and right from the box you could see that these people cared about their customers.
I am using the 3% in the morning and the regular serum in the evening with the eye cream. I can tell for sure that my slin feels firmer to the touch and starting to see some fine lines disappear. People have reported eye lashes thickening, and I was hoping to get that, because I hardly have any eyelashes at all, but so far (30 days of usage) haven’t noticed that.
Overall I love these products and I will be a return customer for sure.
Thank you for awesome products and customer service!

Thank you, Diana for the great review! I am so glad that you are seeing the results that you are pleased with.

GHK-Cu 3% Makes a Difference

I have been using Vitali GHK-Cu for over a year now. I started with the 2% and increased to the 3% serum when it became available. The serums have made a difference. My skin is brighter, smoother and has a glow. It is a great product!

I have been using this product for about a month and I’m happy with the improvements I’ve seen in my skin. I have used other expensive peptide products and haven’t seen results. It does take a while, but I will continue to use Vitali.

Great product for eye lashes and under eye help

Something I have noticed with this product is my eye lashes. Being middle-aged, I had noticed my lashes becoming less full. This product has helped me to grow more lashes. I don't worry about loosing them now.

Face and eye moisturizer

I love how it feels on my skin, I’m only beginning your products but look forward to seeing the results as I continue.

Amazing product

I've been using this for almost 3 weeks now and my fine lines and crows feet on my face are considerably less noticeable . I will definitely be ordering again!


i have noticed my face is a lot smoother and shinier.

Noticeable improvement!

I have tried two other peptide brands over the course of the last year. The prior brands had no adverse impact on my skin, but I wasn’t actually bought into the peptide craze until finding Vitali. Now I understand what an impact peptides can have on the texture, color, and overall health of my skin. Love it!

Better than expected

I learned about copper peptides from a podcast and decided to try all of the Vitali products. I am happy to report that my 51 year old skin looks much improved. It is smoother and clearer and less puffy around the eyes.


I like this cleanser for how it makes my skin feel after it's use. However, I do feel it's not really cleaning. If you have any bit of makeup on your face, it will still be there after washing with this.

It’s OK for guys to care about their skin!!

I just crossed the 1/2 century mark but, you wouldn’t be able to tell if you saw me. Since making Vitali part of my routine my skin has regained its youthful glow and I have received many compliments on how “healthy” and “young” I look!! As a guy, skincare was never a priority but, after seeing how much of a difference a good product can make, I am on board!! Healthy from the inside out is my goal and vitali is part of the solution!!

Hi Anthony.. thank you for your wonderful feedback. I am so glad that Vitali has made it into your daily routine. The good news is that it just gets better over time! Terry B.

So many compliments!

Since I’ve begun using vitali skin serum, I’ve gotten so many compliments on my skin! And my lashes are longer than ever! I’ll never switch!

Fast results

I placed a small amount twice a day on a burn on my arm that had occurred in June. Over the past several weeks and twice a day over the scar, the scar has become faint, less noticeable and most likely will disappear with continued application.

This is an amazing product that I love. The body cream moisturizes and makes my skin silky feeling and soft. I highly recommend this product!

Totally Happy

I really like the Advanced Eye and Lash. Not too strong not too timid either. Feels buttery smooth around my eyes. Love it.

My favourite skincare line

Love these products, they make a real difference. My skin is smooth and even, and I get compliments all the time about how healthy my skin looks.

Medical Grade 3% GHK-Cu

Nothing short of Miraculous! In addition to general daily maintenance, I've been diligently applying the serum on several questionable skin issues - they are close to 100% resolved! Vitali is the real deal!

Thank you for writing your wonderful feedback on our Vitali Skincare products, Mary! We are delighted to hear that our serum has made such a positive difference in your skincare routine and the issues you have been dealing with. It is always our greatest joy to hear when customers rave about their results.

We strive for excellence, not only in crafting quality products, but also in delivering world-class customer service as well. We're glad that you've had such a remarkable experience, and we would love it if you could continue to share your success story with others.

Many thanks again for giving us the chance to serve you.


Your copper peptide products are amazing!

Best Face Cream Hands Down

I've tried a lot of creams and potions in my day but this is the last one I will try because it is amazing. It goes on nicely and makes your skin feel silky smooth. It feels heavy but its not so it won't clog your pores. The pro-aging ingredients make my skin look younger and I get more compliments than ever at my young age of 62. Try it you won't be disappointed.

Restorative Body Cream

I’ve been using this product for about 3-4 months.I started this along with an elimination diet. It’s really helped with some irritation on my skin from psoriasis. Now with only some scare tissue left, it’s really helping to even out the skin tone, making it barely noticeable. I would highly recommend this product.

Thank you for sharing. What a great story. GHK-Cu targets wounds and areas that need healing and with continued use you should see improvement with the scar tissue as well. Being diligent does pay off with these products. Debbi

this product just gets better over time.

I've been using the Vitali serum for two years now and just wanted you to know I continue to get compliments on how I look younger than my age. Last week, my tennis buddy's wife mistook me for her 35-year-old neighbor (I'm in my 50s), and a past client I met with commented that I hadn't aged since we worked together years ago.

When I see those tv ads for quick fixes that make your skin look great for just a few hours, I always wonder why you'd want to have that instead of improving the health of your skin for lasting change. With daily use of Vitali, I'm getting those results 24/7. It's making my skin smoother and appear more youthful, not just temporarily masking my bags and wrinkles (now gone!) I would encourage any Vitali user to stay the course as this product just gets better over time. Eric O.

I am so glad that you stayed the course, Eric. I do agree, the results just get better over time with consistency. Debbi