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Illuminating under eye wonder ☀️

I love this gentle, velvety formula. My skin and eyes are very sensitive and I’ve had zero reaction to this product. The area beneath my eyes is brighter and fine lines are much softer. My hyperpigmentation is fading. I love this under eye cream!

Fantastic Skincare

No irritation (hugely important to me), great results and an excellent and friendly customer service. I will most certainly be ordering again, Vitali are now my first choice for skincare.

Fantastic service.

When I placed the order, I had an issue and they helped me feel at ease, the issue was resolved, the delivery was really fast, two days and I am based in the UK! They also put some samples in with the order. The customer service is second to none. I am looking forward to trying the product for my scarring around my eyes as if it as impressive as their service and ingredients quality, I will no doubt see dramatic improvements. I always wanted to try GHK but hadn't found a product with high quality ingredients until now. Many thanks, I will recommend you to others.

Body Cream

I love this product, it really moisturizes my skin.


Hands down, one of my favorite products. Can’t. Live. Without. I get nervous when my supply gets low! 😂😂

Good Stuff!

I especially love the body creme. My typically dry flaky skin is transformed after I use it!

My new eye cream!

Really love how it hydrates and leaves skin under eye looking smoother. In one week I already noticed skin on my upper lid tighter. This is coming from someone who has used a lot different eye creams throughout the years. Love!

I love it

I bought the entire line and absolutely love all of it. I know I’ve only been using it for a short time but I notice a difference.

FANTASTIC PRODUCT! Much better than any retinol product without the irritation!

Absolutely love this product and have seen a improvement in one short week!

Too early to tell but my eyes don’t feel swollen as they do with most eye creams.

Thank you for this product line!

I began using most all of the product line a month ago. So far my experience has been very positive. There are many things that I am appreciating about the products including but not limited to how they feel on my skin, how well they absorb into my skin, and the fact that they have no fragrance which a must for me! Already I am noticing improved texture and tone to my skin and look forward to seeing more results with continued use. For the first time I am enjoying having a skin care routine. Thank you for the quality of care you provide in these products!

Hope it works! Cream absorbs quickly and eyes don’t sting or swell like many I have used before.

Best skin care

This is by far the best anti aging moisturizing skin care products. I’ve spent a fortune trying everything and this out performs it all. This beats the products at dermatologists and cosmetologists offices. You’d think that the expensive serums and creams they sell you after laser treatments etc would be top of the line. It’s not even close to the results that I am seeing on my first month of Vitali. My under eye lines are almost completely gone and my skin looks flawless. I can’t say enough about this product line. I’ve never raved about a skin care line before but I tell everyone or at least the people that I love that they have to try this skin care line. Quick results,

We are so delighted that you are realizing the benefits of Vitali products. It sounds like your consistency in using the products has really paid off. Thank you for sharing your experience! Debbi

Great skin care products!

These products help significantly rejuvenate my skin!

Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing your experience with Vitali products. We are so glad to hear about your rejuvenated skin! Debbi


Great product!!! Superb customer service!


I have noticed improvements in my skin - plan to continue using it

Enhance the Qi in your Face

A patient came in for cosmetic acupuncture this week that I haven’t seen since January, 2024. At that time, I recommended she start using your products as her skin looked dull and like it needed some freshening up. She did buy the products and started using them about 1 month ago. When she came in this week (week of 4/7/24), her skin seemed more alive and vibrant. Hard to say what exactly changed but needless to say her skin looked more youthful, alive and filled with qi than the last time she was in!

Probably the best body cream I’ve ever used!

No stinging 🐝

I’m loving finding an eye cream that doesn’t sting or irritate my eyes at all! I’m almost 64 and am keeping the crows at bay

Post-Surgery Rescue! (Vertical Facelift and Ablative Laser Therapy)

Post-Ablative Laser Therapy
First of all, Terry answered my questions, and I felt really comfortable with my order. I have used GHK-Cu in the past, and thankful for the topical advantage...but really, Terry put my mind at ease with using the Serum for post-surgery Vertical Facelift and Ablative Laser Therapy. I was in agitating pain from the laser - 2 months out and still very red. Well, today I received a beautiful package with gifts of eye cream, and moisturizer, along with a note of support from Debbi - personalized. Who does that anymore? I had tried a few other "post-surgery" gels that were expensive and touted by several doctors, but none of them aided my inflammation. The moment I used the Serum and eye cream on my eyes, I had instant relief. A few hours later, and my "redness" has gone down considerably - where there was pain from inflammation - barely there, and very tolerable. I am in far reaches of the north, and am exposed to the harsh elements of snow, wind and sub-zero temps - my face felt on fire before the Serum. I tested it out today, and I had a nice barrier that helped significantly. I know my entire skin care will now be only Vitali. There can be only One. Thank you Terry and Debbi - you have made this process livable. Blessings.

Best facial oil

Love this oil! It makes my skin look great and even-toned.

Definite improvement

I happy with the results; my skin looks and feels better since using the Vitali products.